Kailh Low Profile Choc Keycaps – Custom Dyed (sold out)


Custom dyed key caps for Kailh Choc Low Profile key switches. Made with the Dirtywave M8 in mind. Price is per cap.


These are hand dyed Kailh Choc Low Profile Key Caps for mechanical keyboard switches. Normally these only come in white or black, so I have been dyeing my own for a wider variety of colours, including for use on the Dirtywave M8. Please note that these will only fit Kailh Choc v1 switches with two notches. They are NOT compatible with Cherry MX or other kinds of switches.

The price is for one single cap in the colour that you choose, to let you mix and match the quantity that you want of each colour I have available. Shipping will remain a flat rate, so the more you buy, the more economical it is. 🙂 If a particular colour isn’t in stock, please check back or drop me a message, as I make these in small batches.

Please note that due to the nature of the dyeing process, the exact colour may vary slightly and have minor imperfections, though I list them by tone, and they usually come out looking fairly consistently good. I try very hard to make sure that batches purchased are as close as possible to each other, but be aware that if you buy large numbers then the likelihood of there being noticeable variation goes up. If there is going to be a large discrepancy I’ll drop you a message before shipping. I wash each cap multiple times and use cotton buds to clean them, but if there are any marks, these are often just dye residue, which can be removed with some additional cleaning. TL;DR – this is a very DIY process, so adjust expectations accordingly! Postage isn’t refundable.

While all of the solid coloured caps are MBK, and so have contoured sides to match the stock ones from the Dirtywave M8, the transparent caps are NOT MBK. They fit Kailh low profile switches, but they have a slightly different contour to the MBK caps. Please don’t buy them if you expect them to match the stock M8 caps, because they won’t. The white caps are not dyed. These are stock MBK. Royal blue = dark blue. Golden yellow is a kind of harvest, orangey yellow. “Yellow” is more like a lemon yellow colour.

Phew. What a lot of text. The caps are cool though. Hope you like them. I made these mostly for myself, as I wanted different coloured caps, but due to the economics have to do them in bulk.

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Pink, Yellow, Golden, Yellow, Royal Blue, Blue, White, Transparent Pink, Transparent Blue, Transparent Yellow


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