Circuit Bent Sima Pro Edit 3 Video Enhancer – #008 (sold out)


Circuit bent Sima Pro Ed/it 3 video processing unit, for analogue glitch art. See below for a full list of features and explanation.

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This is a Sima Pro Ed/it 3 analogue video processing unit, which has been circuit bent by me to provide some additional effects for glitchy video art.


As stock, this unit has:

  • 2x switchable composite video inputs.
  • 2x composite video output.
  • Corresponding audio inputs/outputs on stereo RCA jacks.
  • Bypass switch to turn the effects on/off.
  • Auto-fade.

I have added:

  • 5x knobs that control different glitchy parameters.
  • 1x latching switch which activates or de-activates one of the knobs for a particularly extreme effect (The blue knob is enabled/disabled by the switch to the right of it).
  • 3x latching switch for other effects.

Additionally, the unit comes with the original:

  • Box.
  • Power supply unit (UK DC 12v).
  • AV cable pack.
  • Manuals etc.


As circuit bent video enhancers go, this is a neat unit which is fun to experiment with. The five added knobs and three additional switches provide a variety of effects, which are mostly based around colour shifts, though when the blue knob is activated, it can bring in some additional chaotic lines and dots, which are rather pleasing. This unit has a more limited range of wild effects than some of the more expensive enhancers out there, but it manages to produce some interesting vibrant colour and contrast shifts which I’ve not seen on any other gear. As always, it works best with bright input signals.

Circuit Bent Sima Pro Edit 3 Video Processor

The bypass and auto-fade functions of the Sima Pro Ed/it 3 still work as before, so you can enable or disable the effects as you see fit. The rest of the video controls no longer function as expected, and you will gain a variety of added changes to the effects by moving these sliders around in conjunction with the added knobs/switches.

Please note that the following important things:

  1. This is a PAL unit. That means that if you are in a region that uses the NTSC format (like the USA), you will need a PAL to NTSC convertor.
  2. Glitchy video enhancers work best with analogue CRT TVs. If you want to use these with a digital TV, projector, or capture card, you will most likely experience drop-outs in the signal. This is normal and expected. You may wish to investigate a Time Base Corrector (TBC) to compensate for this.
  3. The audio portion of the unit should function as it did before, as I didn’t specifically set out to modify it, but due to the nature of the beast, you may get unexpected results. The quality of the original was probably not that great anyway…
  4. This device has been modified by me, and so comes with limited to no warranty. Even though I’ve taken a lot of care to make sure this will work and last, I am not an electrician or electronics guru. I am not responsible for anything that blows up as a result (!).
  5. All analogue video art devices produce results that vary wildly depending on the input and output. As a result, any example pictures of the art shown will almost certainly differ to what you get. The key is to experiment!

I have been modifying and using video enhancer devices for my own artwork for around about a year. This is about the eighth or ninth unit I’ve put together, and I’m selling it on at a relatively cheap price – partly to free up some room in my chaotic flat, but also to fund the purchase of other base units to modify and experiment with. It would be an ideal affordable device for somebody looking to get into the world of video art. Any questions please fire me a message at

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